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With the Dawning of a NEW YEAR and the PASSING of Another Very Unsettling Year. It May Be A Good Idea To Open Yourself To Some New Idea's On Purging Negativity From Your Life!

With the Dawning of a NEW YEAR and the PASSING of Another Very Unsettling Year. It May Be A Good Idea To Open Yourself To Some New Idea's On Purging Negativity From Your Life!

I have been journalling quite a bit and spending time redacting names and places so that I can post them. I will be posting much more on the ET/ED Federation Delegations, The MILAB Training and of course the time spent on the Research Vessel in one of the various Secret Space Programs currently involved in a Stealth Civil War over our heads. 

I will also be speaking on what I do know about some of the CABAL and Secret Societies that currently run the "Babylonian Money Magic Slave System" that the Secret Earth Governments and the overt BRICS Alliance are battling over down here below.

In the mean time (No matter Your "Belief System" or how convinced You Are that You "Don't Have One") whether you believe in an upcoming "Event" or eventual Ascension for the "Service to Others" types of souls serving on this planet at this time or not... The Purging of Negativity from Your Self/Ego, Your Environment (The People in your life who are "Negative") and ALL Associations with Any Negative Individuals or Groups in Your Life should be every one's "New Year's Resolution"... Just in case. 

Before I get into any of these other "Journal Posts" or "Subjects" (Including the Disparaging "Dis-Info" being put out by a Well Known and a Once Respected Researcher on the Full Spectrum of "Projects" that fall under the MILAB Umbrella!) I thought I would first post a bit of information that "IMHO" everyone should spend a little time focusing on.

6 Ways to Open Your Life up to Cosmic Energy
Anna Hunt, Staff Writer
Waking Times
As mainstream science starts to more-openly recognize the effectiveness of practices such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture and so forth, more of us are learning that we are energetic beings, who must consider how other energies affect our well-being. As believed from an early age by Taoist Masters in China, and later proven by quantum physics, we are all connected; even through the outer reaches of space and time, we are all connected to the “Way” of the cosmos, the Tao.
With this knowledge, it is up to each of us to decide if we want to connect to the flow of this loving energy that surrounds us, or do we ignore it and close ourselves off from it. The cosmic energy will keep flowing, without judgment, either way. If you decide that yes, you want to invite this positive energy into your life and bathe in its abundance, then here are some ideas on how to rekindle your relationship with the cosmos.

1. Assess the Level of Negative Energy within You

Sometimes we don’t even realize how besieged we are with negativity. This can be self-perpetuating and attract wrong situations and wrong people into our lives. To help you assess your level of negative energy, below is a quiz from Christie Sheldon from Find a quiet space and look inside. It all begins with self-awareness.
  • Do you complain? All the time or just sometimes?
  • Do you often discuss what’s wrong in the world more than what’s right? This includes the ‘terrible’ weather, ‘horrible’ traffic, ‘idiotic’ government, ‘lousy’ economy, ‘stupid’ in-laws, etc.
  • Do you criticize? All the time or just certain people?
  • Are you attracted to drama and disaster (can you unglue yourself from the TV when there’s a news story of a disaster and can you avoid getting involved in the lives of dysfunctional celebrities?)
  • Do you blame? All the time or just certain situations?
  • Do you believe that you have no control over most of your results?
  • Do you feel like a victim? Do you talk about people doing things to you?
  • Are you grateful for what is or will you be grateful when things finally start going right for you?
  • Do you feel like things are happening to you? Or do you feel that they are happening through you?
It takes courage to be honest to yourself and accept if you are overly negative. You create your life experiences. The cosmic energy around you will guide you through these experiences, but it is up to you to experience them in gratitude. Along the way, being grateful for what is happening, both the good and the bad, will invite more positive energy into your life.
There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative. – W. Clement Stone

2. Limit Ego Self-talk that Criticizes and Doubts

Most of us, at some point in life, struggle with the negative thinking and judgment of the self-talking ego-mind – “Nothing good will ever happen to me,” “I could never do that,” “I’ll never find the right job.” At times this ego-mind is loud. Sometimes it can even be harmful – “I’m a horrible person,” “I don’t deserve happiness” – filling you with misguidance and doubt. Without limiting this negative self-talk, you will disengage from the ever-present flow of Qi – cosmic energy – that is available to you. You must take control of your thinking, calm and rebalance your thoughts and reaffirm your bond with the cosmos.

3. Use Affirmations to Free Yourself from Negativity

At times, we have to motivate ourselves daily to face negativity and address its sources – the ego-mind, stressful lives, the crazy world, etc. Here are some ideas for daily affirmations – you can learn the ones that resonate with you and ones that are most relevant to your life, or think of some of your own. Keep them written, visible and say them out loud.
  • What other people say about me is their problem, not mine.
  • I am free to be me.
  • Life isn’t perfect, but I sure is great.
  • It’s okay to have down days.
  • Even when I’m struggling, I have so much to be grateful for.
  • Every experience is just another important lesson.
  • Not everything is meant to stay.
  • Being wrong is the first step to being right.
  • I do not need to hold on to what’s holding me back.
  • My happiness today is simply the result of my thinking.
  • Who I spend quality time with matters.
  • Drama and judgments are a waste of perfect happiness.
  • Most people are judging me far less than it seems.
  • I can make the world a happier place.
  • The work is worth it.
“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” ― Wayne W. Dyer

4. Release All Restrictions of the Body/Mind/Spirit

The energies of the Sun, the Earth, the Galaxy and the Cosmos influence us through higher dimensional subtle energies on the physical, etheric and spiritual levels. It is easy for us to get stuck in the physical plane and believe that all that matters is what we experience physically. Yet, our energetic field and our spirit are also communicating with cosmic energy.
By remembering this connection to the greater cosmos in each of the layers of the True Self, encased in our human form, we help open up the line of communication with higher energies of the Universe. And in this, we experience a deeper transformation on all levels – in body, mind, spirit and soul. Practices such as yoga, tai chi and qi gong, although typically used by people for exercise and lowering stress, can help you realize the True Consciousness beyond the fear-based 3D world. Additionally, specific practices that focus on opening up the heart chakra energy center, Anahata, are effective at increasing the heart’s capability to assimilate cosmic energy. These include different types of concentration techniques focused on the heart and reciting the Lotus Sutra.
“Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

5. Cleanse Your External Space

Much of our effort to connect with the cosmic energy flow requires inner focus, some quiet time of reflection and solitude in a safe environment. Here is where cleansing our external living space of negative and stale energy becomes just as important as clearing our inner space.
You often hear ideas such as de-clutter, let go of unneeded stuff and rearrange your furniture to create more space. This is both practical and effective in helping you feel lighter and more positive.
You could consider putting a little more effort into the cleansing process by smudging the areas where you spend most of your time, such as your home, office and car. Smudging allows you to clean out your energetic field, creating space for a new more balanced and healthier you. The process can be kept simple, with only four tools:
  • A bundle of white sage – representing EARTH
  • An Abalone seashell – representing WATER – for catching ash from the sage bundle
  • A feather or feather fan – representing AIR
  • And FIRE for lighting the sage
You can also use bells and chimes, recite mantras or prayers, sprinkle pure salt in the corners of each room, and use natural incense.
Creating a living space with less negative energy is important, but don’t forget to venture outside. Reconnecting to nature while you retreat into a place of stillness, with fewer people, less electromagnetic pollution and no media, can help you open up to the natural flow of the Universe. It gets you to disconnect from your regular pace of life, so you are more in tune with yourself.
When getting out is not an option, consider creating a quiet space where you can retreat during times of introspection and reduce electromagnetic pollution in your home. (See: 7 Ways To Reduce Electrical Pollution In Your Home or Office for ideas)

6. Practice Authentic Meditation

Meditation starts with a short daily practice that for some of us means just relaxing our mind or sitting still. The more meditation one does, the more cosmic energy one receives – this energy will flow through the entire mind/body/spirit of the True Self. With consistency, a meditation practice blossoms into longer and longer stretches with less and less thought, where we become open to the insights of the Universe and gain clarity that enriches our lives.
Here are some practical meditation ideas: 5 Meaningful Methods of Meditation
The process of bringing more cosmic energy into your life will harmonize and balance your connection with the Tao. This is a fundamental relationship and interaction in all of our lives. It is up to us to decide how deeply we want to benefit from this relationship and if we are ready to expand our awareness of it.
About the Author
Anna Hunt is a staff writer for and an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in research and editorial writing. She and her husband run a preparedness e-store outlet at, offering GMO-free storable food and emergency kits. Anna is also a certified Hatha yoga instructor. She enjoys raising her children and being a voice for optimal human health and wellness. Read more of her excellent articles here.
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Take Back Your Power...

The biggest secret of how the "Illuminati" or "CABAL" or what ever you want to call "TPTB" is their form of "Magic" and WHERE the POWER of this Magic comes from.

"They" have worked to keep Humanity ignorant of many things but there is nothing they have worked to keep us more ignorant of than "Our Own Power of Individual and Group Consciousness" and Our Unique "Wide Spectrum of Emotions" among the "Other Beings", "Above", "Below" and "On The Surface" of THIS PLANET!

Our wide spectrum of emotions are both a blessing and a curse. They cause us to do horrible things out of ignorance, but with the correct knowledge and guidance this same "Spectrum" or "Bandwidth" of Emotions can help us make very quick spiritual leaps...

Now for the BIG SECRET... One that was shared with me by some of the Darkest Practitioners themselves...



Their Black Magic will sound so simple... It, in conjunction with the "Babylonian Money Magic Slave System" or the Financial Debt Slave System... And all "IT" is... IS OUR OWN INNATE ABILITIES manipulated against us.

They use Mass Media to plant "SEEDS" into our "MASS CONSCIOUSNESS" through Theatre Presentations, Musical Lyrics, Literature and Main Stream News to name a few. Once they plant the "SEED of Possibility" they then Orchestrate a "False Flag" incident and WE in a "Reactionary State" use our "Co-Creative" Powers of our Mass or Joint Consciousness to "Make It So"... 

Scientists have known this for many years and have seen how "Individual Consciousness" effects their  Experiments. It was well documented and buried quickly. 

This IS their control mechanism over us...

KNOWING THIS... Is a major step in reclaiming this power back from them. Once we realize that WE HAD THE POWER ALL ALONG... WE will be able to turn history on a dime and create a new future together. One without "THEM"!

Watch this LONG video to get a very clear idea of what THEY KNOW, and WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW!

Mind Science Kept Hidden Documentary. WE ARE VIBRATIONAL BEINGS!

Quite an "Awake and Aware" moment will occur I promise...

David Wilcock recently did a very interesting Internet Radio Interview and then article on his web site. I think this is will worth your time as well... 

And as I ALWAYS SAY... PLEASE, Always run everything that anyone says through your own discernment filter. Do not blindly succumb to "Hero Worship" of researchers or Guru's no matter who they are or where they come from. This is your path, your walk... step wisely and use your filter and listen to that little voice inside... Your Higher Self will guide you! (IMHO)

Open Up Your Christmas Presence: Disclosure! 


7 Things Truth Seekers Should Stop Doing in 2015

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post

Yet another new year is upon us, and those of us fully awakened can see that the globalist plan to control humanity is rolling forward at superhighway speed as our battle for humanity rages on. So let's ask the question, what can we do as truth seekers to improve our odds of success against this global cabal of control and oppression? Is there anything worth throwing on the table with the advent of the new year for truth seekers to consider that could actually act as a game-changer in this battle for truth, freedom, and consciousness? Actually there is. 

I deeply pondered on this issue as we begin a new year and I want to share seven points that could make a big difference in our battle for humanity by bringing truth seekers together on the same page so that we can act more effectively, more efficiently and have a greater impact on the world around us in the new year. Here are seven things I believe all truth seekers should stop doing (if they are doing these), so that we can gel as a movement and strengthen our presence and impact on the consciousness of the current world. These points, I believe, will help us leave our mark on history as we push forward with the current information war of today. 

1 - Stop labeling everyone who doesn't agree with you on every single issue, as "controlled opposition" 

I now hear it all the time.
This person and that person is "controlled opposition." We know factually that the U.S. government has indeed co-opted (to put it lightly) many movements in America in the past, dating back to the 1960s and before. There is no question that government employs controlled opposition to stifle and derail movements. The phrase, "the truth shall set you free," comes to mind. It is exponentially more important for truth seekers to fight the good fight, do their own research, check the authenticity of claims with verifiable facts and science, i.e. search for truth. Most importantly, determine what your main purpose is, and then focus on what means most to you instead of burning all your energy trying to warn others who the controlled opposition is or isn't. Consider that, ultimately, if you are wrong about your accusation, this will serve to divide the movement further and potentially create more damage than good to the movement. 
We all know that the trolls and shills that regularly appear on mainstream media are ALL by definition controlled opposition, but what about the person that is doing a lot of work to expose evil and state crimes against humanity? What about the perceived leader who is tirelessly working to expose the actual globalists, the Illuminati, and the long-term plans of the new world order? Is that person also controlled opposition if you don't agree with everything they are saying? Perhaps they inadvertently are; however, shouldn't those people be given credit for the good that they are doing to expose the globalist plans? 

Example: I believe truth prevails, and if someone is working hard on one issue while declaring other things that you or I may not completely agree is true, then it might be better in the long run to say to others that person X has a message A, B and C of which you only agree with A and B and you're hoping messenger X comes around on item C - or just be firm, you don't agree with item C. This less aggressive approach alone could help the truth movement become stronger rather than pulling out the shotgun and tearing down the messenger all together over one issue. 

Some people may do this with good intentions feeling they are "saving" the truth movement from a "disinformation" agent; but, in reality, truth seekers today are smart and not everyone believes every single thing that someone says anyway. If these people working hard in the truth movement are truly controlled opposition, I believe we should at least give credit for the "opposition" part of what they do and ignore the "controlled" part. Or, if you feel strongly, don't accept the person all together but don't spend all your energy bad mouthing that person. Instead spend you time in a more productive manner. 

It's a tough topic and understandably every case is unique. Ultimately, however, if each and every single one of us focused primarily on being the change and (as the late Michael Ruppert once said) picking up your weapon and firing it - we wouldn't have so much time to attack or "expose" those who we think are "controlled opposition" who in fact may simply have a different opinion. Instead, we'll be active making a name for ourselves as individuals who are the actual effective "opposition." If everyone did this, I believe those that truly are controlled opposition inside the movement will eventually reveal themselves, as we have seen with some individuals this past year. Truth itself is far more important than following and believing someone you want to believe is "all truth." 

2 - Stop pushing only doom and gloom and start focusing on solutions 

Some truth seekers only talk about how bad things are. We hear it all the time: The world is always about to end. The control system will never be defeated. They have eternal power and control over you and I and anyone who challenges them will die. Evil is forever, everyone is a sheep. Those who  are awake stand alone, so brace for the inevitable cataclysmic ending. They often may suggest - don't even bother to share information and awareness because the sheep are too stupid to get it. Instead, they suggest, just look out for yourself! 

That's right, some truth seekers have completely given up on humanity. Unless someone writes about how horrible things are, the messengers are often accused by these very truth seekers of being gullible, naive, maybe even "controlled opposition"!! The attacks go on and on. Scarcity, doom and gloom is here, they warn us, and anyone who doesn't worship this meme is a thorn in the side of the truth somehow. All of this is nonsense and is derived, I believe, from our own inherent fearful nature combined with our obsession with being right. Certainly many of us can relate to the feeling these doomsday messengers relay. We understand that they may even be right in their predictions. I get it! The world we live in is evil, and we indeed face many insurmountable obstacles. 

Message to all who think this way: the world may indeed be over by tomorrow. And, if so, then you win! Congratulations! However, as humans, we must not ever give up. We must fight, and we must continue to have hope and share the hope for tomorrow with each other. Learn the power of hope. Learn the power of people. Yes, we are all the same, regardless of what your skin color is, your gender, your age or even how much money you have in your account. We all seek love and acceptance, and we all buckle to fear. We all need hope for tomorrow and it is incumbent upon us to perpetuate this hope and find and share solutions to overcome the fear. 

The enemy wants nothing more than for you to live in fear, worry and hopelessness, so that they can stand on your head and declare victory over you. Call me naive, but I will never give the enemy that easy victory and neither should you. Does it mean we shouldn't be vigilant? Of course not. There is a big difference between being vigilant and doomsday scaremongering. Learn the power of love, hope, and personal inspiration instead, and put it into practice in your journey for truth. This alone will offer more solutions to humanity than you could ever imagine, even in the face of all the darkness and evil we live in today. 

3 - Stop giving a voice to those still echoing opposition to well-established facts 

This next item is a pet peeve of mine; and if others don't agree, that's okay.

I feel truth seekers should (whenever they can and whenever it is reasonable) stop giving a voice to trolls and shills posting comments online that are entirely against well-known and well-established facts. The prime examples that come to mind are the trolls who phish sites to post comments denying the existence of admitted geoengineering programs known as chemtrails and chembomb spraying. 

Despite the overwhelming evidence available to our own eyes every single day, and the evidence collected by the movement over the years, here we are in 2015 and still the "contrails" trolls continue their online campaign. 

Well it's time to cut them off. Remove all their comments from your channel, blog site or other platforms. Specifically with chemtrails spraying, these (paid?) trolls need YOUR platform to spread their lies, deception and Department of Defense propaganda and unfortunately too often you may be giving it to them. I say silence their voices on your platform to help accelerate understanding for the sake of those who are new to the issue. 

Remember, these DOD trolls (to borrow the example of chemtrails) only need a Web platform to have their voices heard, which they know they can get any time with mainstream media sites. They go out of their way, however, to visit KNOWN truth and consciousness sites and channels, (which they obviously disagree with) to drop their (paid for?) messages. Why then would we (truth seekers) help them out?? At a glance, the same could be said for 9/11 truth, JFK and other issues. 

Yes, I can't believe I'm saying this. I'm actually advocating censorship to some degree and perhaps I'm wrong, but I stand behind my conviction at this time. I say it's time to move forward with helping and healing humanity, and silencing the (Gov't Intelligence provided) online trolls could go a very long way in our journey to improve spreading awareness! 

4 - Stop demonizing those who try to be positive as unrealistic dreamers 

As discussed above (point #2). Many truth seekers demonize those who are positive and share the message of hope as "unrealistic" or naive "dreamers." Instead, consider the points above and remember that throughout the history of humanity, all evidence points to the fact that humans are capable of incredible things and these things are made possible by hope, positivity, and belief in yourself and humanity. As has often been said, it takes ONE person to change the world. On the other hand, throughout history there are no examples of anyone using fear, doom and gloom to accomplish anything great. Except for one group that is - only the globalist Illuminati cult followers look to promote fear, doom and gloom to accomplish things they consider great. 

5 - Stop thinking that the current system will some day somehow repair itself 

Speaking of being naive, too many truth seekers really believe that they will someday somehow repair the current system by forcing new legislation and convincing the bad politicians to behave differently by bowing to the demands of new petitions. None of this is based on reality or any political change success models of the past. Massive changes of the magnitude needed now in America usually take several generations to accomplish but, more importantly, massive changes like the ones needed today are accomplished by replacing (not repairing) the current system altogether. 

True revolution of thought and a complete breakaway from the modern-day paradigm is needed in order to see true change. The depth of the corruption we have today will not be repaired by convincing one or two politicians with petitions to act differently. Instead, the entire system must be challenged and ultimately replaced. 

It doesn't mean that truth seekers should stop being active or give up hope in what they do. It means that truth seekers should be realistic about immediate results and expectations and what these perceived hoped-for changes will do to our way of life. Realize that dirty politicians will not suddenly wake up and change their ways because of some petition or even court challenge. These politicians must each be replaced entirely for us to move in the right direction. 

6 - Stop thinking mainstream media news is true until proven otherwise

Truth seekers in their quest to be correct about what they are saying or believing, too often tend to hear mainstream media news and only debunk it IF they can somehow "prove" to themselves that the piece of news is not true. At a glance, that may sound like a prudent thing to do, but I would like to challenge this notion. 

Yes, it is important to be judicious with the facts of a story. However, if we assume that mainstream media holds the power to lay down the original working narrative, then we are empowering the mainstream media without realizing it. In the real world, if someone lied to us every minute of every day, you would never believe anything they had to say at any time. That would be the logical thing to do with someone like this. Most people would agree to this without offering much of an argument. 

However, despite knowing how often mainstream media lies, often for the sake of not wanting to sound like a conspiracy nut, truth seekers will initially accept the mainstream media narrative only until after it is proven untrue later on. We reason in our minds that believing mainstream media until proven otherwise must be the logical and the "normal" thing to do, but actually there is no basis for this argument. Instead we should assume that whatever initial claims mainstream media makes are ALSO an unproven (lying nut case) lie that has not been authenticated yet with hard facts. And, yes, we need to look at the current-day mainstream media standard of "evidence" with a magnifying glass since what passes as "evidence" by the mainstream media today is hardly evidence at all. 

I believe it is very important to start your individual research into any story with the working hypothesis that the mainstream media has no interest in telling the truth; and their interest, across the board, as proven by the historical facts is to act as a mouthpiece for the State. We can reasonably and logically defend this assumption based on the history of mainstream media's propensity to tell (State-scripted) lies. Why then do we give any degree of credence to any story they put out?? 

7 - Stop following leaders and realize we are all leaders ***

Finally, we need to stop putting truth-seeking perceived leaders on a pedestal like they are gods. Truth and consciousness is a manifestation of humanity. It is not intended to be limited or controlled by one person, one leader or one guru. Instead, it's meant to be more like a network of truth where every connection and every point counts equally. Government Intelligence loves it when truth seekers look to one person or one perceived leader instead of realizing they are the leaders themselves. This "follow the leader" pack mentality plays into the hands of the opposition, as it makes it easier for the opposition to tear down the entire movement by simply tearing down that ONE leader. A very convenient and efficient tactic, don't you think? 

Realize that the last thing the opposition wants is for every single person to realize that they have the power in them to change the world. To realize that they are the leaders, and to realize they are the change that will make this world a better place. The opposition knows it cannot possibly control the masses individually for there are too many of us. But a single person is much easier to control or destroy. 

It doesn't mean we should resort back to point number 1, and label every leader as "controlled opposition." It means we should support anyone and everyone who is making a difference, while realizing that we are the leaders as well. It means that you share with people the information instead of glorifying the person who is passing the information. 

As we begin the new year, let's re-elevate our truth-seeking game and create counter strategies so that we can be as effective as possible in waking others up and empowering them with truth. Realize that humanity is up against a sophisticated Intelligence apparatus that knows how to exploit, manipulate, divert, and confuse the masses who seek truth. 

Now try applying these seven ideas to your life and see where you can improve your truth-seeking and self-empowerment strategies. If we all do a good job at applying some of these principles, I believe together this will absolutely make for a much brighter and more successful upcoming year.

Peace and love to all and have a truly happy new year!

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Scopalomine" the Drug Used by Intelligence Agencies to "Blank Slate" Peoples Memories Originating in Project Artichoke

Updated 12/31/2014

MILAB's of "ALL TYPES" (NOT ONLY "SUPER SOLDIERS"!) & "Other Types" of victims of Secret Government "Black Programs" are "Chemically Debriefed" with several powerful & evil drugs.

"Scopalomine" is the most common Drug Used by "Intelligence Agencies" to "Blank Slate" Peoples Memories Originating in "Project Artichoke"...

Project Artichoke (Started off with Morphine to alter "States of Consciousness" or to "Hypnotise". This "Evil Drug" then became a quick favorite for many years after its discovery by CIA's Agents working with Drug Lords shipping Cocaine into the USA for raising "CABAL" and "Black Ops Money".)

This video on "Scopalomine" was brought to my attention by another member (On Project Avalon.) who did some great research and it is a bit hard to watch. There are a large number of "MILAB" victims that frequent Avalon as well as "SSP Participants" and other types of "Experiencer's" who have had experience with this drug. 

Many of you who "Research" both of these topics are sure to have heard of people having their memories tampered with or being "Chemically Debriefed" using a Drug called "Scopalomine".

Towards the end of the time I was being "Debriefed" they were using mostly "Electronic" means of achieving the same results. The Technology didn't leave "Toxicology" traces and didn't have a cumulative affect on the "Target's"/"Asset's" Neurological Systems and Psyche (Or less of a long term affect anyway).

There was a certain percentage of "Subjects" who were naturally resistant to these chemical and technological methods. Some of us would take the memory wipe or screen memory for a few days before the chemicals would break down in our system and our subconscious put things back together in the background until the real memories broke through. Some of these people after reaching the age of puberty became so resistant to these techniques that they had little or no effect at all. Usually these people were also valuable "Assets" so they were just kept a close eye on. For those like us that were not "Manageable" in their regular practices, these memories are not "Recovered" or "Screen" but full recall. 

I do not know if they are still using a mixture or have moved entirely to the electronic methods at the current time. They have changed up the programs quite a bit since many of the "Experiencer's" who visit the Project Avalon Forum were young. (W/my normal disclaimer... "IMHO" or "As the Story Goes") =
FYI, This Article/Blog was transferred from PA Forum to this blog...

This drug is used on MILAB victims 

Published on Aug 8, 2012

The Drug is supplied through the Global Aerospace Alliance which is run though Space Command. It is the perfect chemical for criminal acts to be exploited. It has the ability to hypnotize the victims via commands. This is only one type drug that is used.

The most important thing to remember is that it is used to rob, study and to kill. It is worse than Anthrax and is linked to all sex operations and ritual abuse via the lodges and closed door inhuman acts. Often used via CIA black project operations to get the job done.
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A New Era of MILAB Victims/Experiencers and Secret Space Program Participants Going Public With Their Experiences?

12/31/2014 UPDATE:

(A "Once Prominent & Respected Researcher" in this field has gone "On Record" in Emails, Project Avalon Threads & Posts as well as their PA "News Letter" stating that "MILAB's" are “Dangerous” & “malfunctioning Weapons” (Lumping ALL MILAB's in with only the "Super Soldiers" category) & devastating a large number of MILAB's who were at a point of reaching out to some well known MILAB Councillors. This IS blatant discrimination veiled in the "Protection of a larger group" (Much like the metaphor of PTSD below). Forget & put aside what disagreements may have occurred between this person and myself... Many of These people have since withdrawn from the help group & are no longer open to seeking MILAB "Trauma" counselling. This has caused major damage to these people, to what was left of this "Researchers Credibility" & has caused many people to send me Emails stating they were leaving this persons "Forum" because of their "Recent Bizarre Behavior" (Which is a shame because it was one of the best on the Internet!). I hope people realize that lumping ALL MILAB's together like this is as Ignorant, Irresponsible & Dangerous as doing the same to ALL PTSD Types ("Complex PTSD" & "Combat Related PTSD") & "Other Trauma Related Anxiety Disorders". This too happens with people with these "Other Trauma Disorders" & out of ignorance they are treated as "THREATS" OR "DANGEROUS" when the majority of the types of PTSD and Trauma Related Disorders are of the types of the Physically & Sexually Abused (& NEVER ASSOCIATED w/VIOLENCE!). These "Acts of Ignorance" cause these people to be "Victimized" yet Again & Again! Being well educated in both of these area's I cannot think of a better metaphor than that of the plight of people with forms of PTSD who are Discriminated Against! People should educate themselves thoroughly before making such blanket comments from emotionally unbalanced states. I have an "In Depth" and Full Article that I am going to be posting on this issue in the next few days giving the full details of the comments & the full extent of the damage done. I had hoped some of these statements would have been "Walked Back" & the damage corrected. I have left quite a lot of details out in this update. I was giving one of the Moderators some time to get to the bottom of some of the extreme harassment my family & I have been receiving and try to make a statement on the Forum to "Heal" some wounds (This did not happen either). All said & done there are no winners in this situation only a lot of hurt people. I am told that this persona never has and never will ever admit they have been "Wrong" about anything. An EGO that size is hard to overcome. Per their personality profile they will have to go through another "Cycle Of Self Destruction" and great loss to their reputation before they might even begin to reach bottom and shake off the fake mask enlightenment and stop clinging to (The Prestige & Fame) what once was, and seek to break this cycle that so many have observed over the years. Those that care for them can hope and pray. For now them and their closest "barnacles" will enable this behavior and give platitudes stating they never meant to hurt MILAB's yet they will not do anything to correct the damage.)

End of Update

Many of the MILABS were groomed from an early age to later be "Drafted" into various "Black Ops" programs within the Secret Earth Governments, Various Alien Federations as "Delegation Support", "Colony and Exchange Programs" and the various multiple "Secret Space Programs(s)" (Solar Warden, The Dark Fleet etc...) which fall under the often used description of “Break Away Civilizations”, of which there are 5-7 (Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilizations). 

Among the "Secret Earth Governments" (One of the most powerful being the "Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerates"), Secret Space Programs and their Various "Off World Allies" (All with their own separate agenda's) there is currently a "Shadow Civil War" going on.

One of the hardest to control of these groups is a young group of sociopaths that were identified and trained with "Brutal Efficiency" to be able to infiltrate and manipulate people from of any type within minutes of meeting them. There has never been a more efficient and dangerous asset ever created. They can literally morph to blend into any environment, situation and infiltrate any organization and manipulate their way into a position of influence and their "Mark" or Victim will be convinced everything was their own idea. They are literally the best spies and asset handlers ever produced.

The “Personality MetaMorph Program” will be described in more detail in a future post. There may be more info on some of the Programs below by other MILABS or more details to come out shortly with all of the experiencers who are recently coming forward. Many are visiting quietly in the Avalon Forum (And now mostly contacting me directly via Email since I have & They left Project Avalon after some irresponsible behavior by its leadership) observing how others react to information and debating whether to come forward with their own stories. 

Many of these "MILAB's" and "Other Experiencer's" hold the "Keys to the Kingdom" when it comes to a major part of "Disclosure". Sadly with a lot of recent Egocentric Drama some people with some major pieces to this puzzle have been driven back into anonymity. Often Times the "People" in this field can be our own worst enemies and very little action is required from the "5i Groups". They sit back and watch the people factor and group dynamics destroy the "Disclosure Movement" from within.

I have recently been been contacted by many actual MILAB and "Active"/"Former" SSP Participants and have formed a moderate sized "MILAB Help Group". Quite a bit of progress has been made among some of the members of that group. This is of course prior to the Drama and Statements that were made (Including calling these groups "Honey Pot" Traps for MILAB's).

Any time you begin to get contacted by legitimate people you will also soon be contacted by “MetaMorph's”/Fakers etc... trying to socially engineer and infiltrate their way into the small "Help Group" to "Data Mine" and "Pump More Information" for the "Scam" they are perpatrating on other "Researchers" convincing them they were once in SSP's and appearing in quite a few interviews providing "NEW" "Data" and "Stories" that I know are "Borrowed" from other "Experiencers" and presented as their own.

There are Hundreds of Active MILAB Projects (Very few are related to "Super Soldier" Projects) most of which the names will never be known. Some of the names I recall that may help “Ring” some bells of “MILAB Experiencers” are the following:

Project Moondust
Project Bluebird
Project Monarch 
Project MetaMorph
Project Mind Meld
Project Mind Shield
Project Artichoke
Project Chatter
Project Reach
Project Open Mind
Project Moonbeam
Project Indigo
Project Cloak
Project Temporal Lense
Project Blueprint
Project Doppelganger

Some of the Secret Earth Governments Programs that have come out and are active under different mandates and constantly shifting orders and program names are listed below. Many MILABS have been brought into these and many hundreds of other “Programs” as mentioned above.

SIGMA----------SIGMA WAS TASKED WITH COMMUNICATING WITH THE ALIENS. THIS OPERATION WAS SUCCESSFUL. NOTE GoodeTXSG: Ongoing, very successful, enterface with "Non Humans" and are also utilized in various other programs to detect "Deception" and "Dangerous Intent". Usually used in teams of Three. NOTE GoodeTXSG: Sigma/Plato are active under different names as the mission has changed after diplomatic concessions were given to "Earth Delegates". These same root programs are active though have evolved with the missions and merged over the decades.

PLATO----------PLATO WAS ESTABLISHED TO FORM DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS WITH THE ALIEN LIFE FORMS. THIS PROJECT WAS SUCCESSFUL. THIS PROJECT IS ONGOING. NOTE GoodeTXSG: Has advanced and merged with other programs as access was granted to "Earth Delegations" in various "Non Human" Federation Type Conferences.


PLUTO----------ESTABLISHED TO EVALUATE ALL UFO/IAC INFORMATION PERTAINING TO SPACE TECHNOLOGY. THIS PROJECT IS ONGOING. PLUTO IS THE PROWORD FOR POUNCE. NOTE GoodeTXSG: Use Earth Engineers working with Non Human Engineers with "Gifted Technologies" as well as MILAB trained RV trained in "Blue Printing" technology.

REDLIGHT-------MISSION WAS TO TEST FLY RECOVERED ALIEN CRAFT THIS PROJECT WAS POSTPONED AFTER EVERY ATTEMPT RESULTED IN DESTRUCTION OF THE CRAFT AND DEATH OF THE PILOTS. THIS PROJECT WAS CARRIED OUT AT AREA 51 IN NEVADA (GROOM LAKE), and some flights were performed at DREAMLAND. PROJECT REDLIGHT WAS RESUMED IN 1972. THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN PARTIALLY SUCCESSFUL. UFO SIGHTINGS OF CRAFT ACCOMPANIED BY BLACK HELICOPTORS ARE PROJECT REDLIGHT ASSETS. THIS PROJECT IS ONGOING AT AREA 51 IN NEVADA. NOTE GoodeTXSG: Only Needed for craft recovered from unknown beings, "wandering beingings" that have the misfortune of popping into our Sol System and being shot down or captured that are more advanced or who's technology works on vastly differen principals than the technology the other beings use, or are sharing with us.


FAR SIDE OF THE MOON ---- An alien base on the dark side of the moon where large machines were sighted by the Apollo Astronauts. It is believed to be a mining operation. (NOTE/GoodeTXSG: In Addition to an Earth Joint Task Force Lunar Oporations Center), The "Moon" is an "Object" that is carved up into territories very much like the Antarctic Regions. There are "Groups" that are ancient enemies that have Bases very near eachother. As long as they keep a certain perimeter, follow protocols and respect boundaries there are no problems. Any problems are now handled via "Council" meetings and not via conflict... (This was not so thousands of years ago, and remnants of battles past are still visible and left as a reminder of a different "Time" or "Era".)

DELTA----------SECURITY TEAMS FROM NRO ESPECIALLY TRAINED TO PROVIDE ALIEN TASKED PROJECTS/LUNA SECURITY. (MEN IN BLACK) THIS PROJECT IS ONGOING. NOTE GoodeTXSG: Not "MEN IN BLACK", but Elite Special Forces with "Enhanced" training and "Abilities" who provide "close protection" of "Earth Deligate", "Allied Human Type", "Allied Non-Human Type" and "OTHER" visiting "Delegates" and "Dignitaries"

NOTE GoodeTXSG: Very desctructive weapons that can destroy DUMB's as well as entire Planets. Mission was a dreadfully scary success!