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Appearance of the "Moon", "Neptune" & "Jupiter" sized "Sphere Craft" & their associated "Purple Sphere Beings" as well as their "Blue Avian" & "3 Other" Allied races (Classified for now) Opposed to the Current "Custodian Beings" of our "Solar System".

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(UPDATE 2/28 From C2C Show Below) & "Correction of some comments/information"



MAJOR UPDATE 3/11: 3/10 Joint SSP Alliance, Political, Contacted Persons & "Sphere Alliance" Conference where The "Sphere Allies" introduced the 2nd of 4 of their "Allied Beings" (Described Below in Report Summary)

It is time that I bring together the information I have shared on a couple of Forums and with a couple well known Researchers about the relatively "Recent Arrival's" of the "Sphere Beings" and their "Allies" to our Solar System. I have given some very detailed information to only ONE well known researcher that I have learned to trust and respect.

I had caught a lot of negative feed back from some of the "Programs" because of the nature of the information and the fact that I was not "Cleared" (Or "Chosen") by "Them" to release the information that I have been releasing for some time now (Although the "Blue Avians" & "Sphere Beings" seem to feel otherwise). The manner in which I released some information in a "Shot Gun" manner in the recent past offended a couple groups and I have been picked up and "Interviewed" for those actions. However some of these "Forces" have urged me to continue in a much more conservative manner beyond the scope of approval of any "Secret Earth Government" or "Other Organizations"... "Blessings". 

(You have to realize the words "Chosen" and "Special" should always raise red flags in any Government Program or "ET Contact" scenario!)

I will be adding the information here in sequence over the next few days. The "Sphere Beings" have "4 Allies" of which only 1 has made them selves known. These are the "Blue Avians" (AKA Blue Bird Aliens).

There are many who are being visited by "Blue, Indigo & Violet Orb Beings" who have seemed to just present themselves and disappear. They have actually been presenting themselves in order to communicate with those persons subconscious or "Higher Selves" and not directly to these people "Consciously". 

These people have reported seeing these (Blue, Indigo & Violet) "Orb's" appearing in their presence between the size of "Ping Pong Balls" and "Medicine Balls" and "Pulsing" then leaving their presence.

There will be much more information coming in the near future about these "Sphere Beings" and their "Allies" from myself and other sources. However there are a few sources that are putting out some disinformation about these "Sphere Beings" and their "Allies"... Even some of the "Elite" were confused about who they were in the beginning believing them to be the return of "Their Gods"... 

This mistake by the "Elites" can be traced back to the information presented by "David Wilcock" recently at the LA "Conscious Life Expo" and the information of the MANY MOON BASES in existence.

(David Wilcock) Secret Space Program Livestream TONIGHT! (Honestly, This is a MUST VIEW presentation, Audio alone will not do it justice!) 


"THEY" (The "Elite") were very unpleasantly surprised when these "Sphere Beings" turned out to be the opposite of what they were excited about. (NOT The "Return of the Sumerian Gods" as they had suspected since these "Sphere Craft" had first began to appear and suddenly "Cloak" in our Solar System some years ago... Slowly building up their numbers coming in from the directions of both the Oort Cloud and "Entering" the System via the "Sun" (As though it were a "Stargate")...

The following and recent "Forced quarantine" of the Solar System from the fleeing "Elite" via "Craft" and "Portals" since that time has sent many of them in a state of panic and confusion. These "Beings" in these HUGE "Sphere Craft" ARE NOT who they thought they were...

This is the topic we will delve into more deeply in coming days.

Please be patient and stand by for incoming and significant information.

I will SOON be posting more information HERE very soon... In much more detail than EVER presented on the recent "TOT Forum" (The One Truth) or Project Avalon Forum.

UPDATE: 2/28 Info from 2/25 Coast to Coast Show mentioning "Blue Avians" and "Spheres".

Below Question was asked on the TOT Forum (Link Below) and I have had several discussions with those "Above Me" on this "Honest Mistake" made at a very late hour (Early AM) interview. 

Thank you again for your continuing and awesome information.

With reference to the following statement (the info of which may have originated from you):

“[...] Wilcock reported that around 100 enormous spherical ships around the size of Neptune have recently come into our solar system. It appears that four different types of beings from the ships have had contact with Earth's cabal, most prominently the Blue Avians [...]”


(GoodETxSG: These "Spheres" range from sizes of the Moon, Neptune to the Size of Jupiter. Most are in the Moon Sized Category with fewer being in the Neptune to Jupiter Sized Categories. THE SPHERE BEINGS AND THEIR ALLIES HAVE REFUSED TO SPEAK TO OR EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE CABAL OR TO ANY OTHER ET RACE IN THE SOL SYSTEM! They have only spoken to the ONE HUMAN SSP That has allied with them against the "CABAL GROUPS" AKA Secret Earth Governments and THEIR OFF WORLD ALLIES! They have also made contact with "Civilians" on the Planet Earth separately from their relationship with the ONE EARTH SECRET SPACE PROGRAM. This was a mistake made by DW in an "Off the Cuff" statement in a very late night/early morning interview, and I have had to deal with quite a bit of blow back from it Tonight from some "Unhappy People". I wanted to make this clear and I am sure DW will correct this and make it clear in his upcoming articles and information focusing on these groups as I told "Others" earlier tonight.
He was most likely tired after a long interview and it was Coast to Coast AM and was at this point the end of the interview and in the early morning hours. Though I do not speak for DW by any means, I also want to make that clear. I am just speculating as to what may have occurred. 
Wow, I have had to say that a lot tonight. I am off to bed, TY for asking the Question and giving me a chance to respond. I was going to write something up on this tomorrow since it was such a big deal among those "Above" me.)

While "Live" on the Radio/Internet doing shows mistakes happen. "To Err Is Human"... You have no idea how much raw data is involved in these complex topics and has to be remembered. 

As exhausted as I am right now after the grilling I just had I would hate to have to try to go on a show and answer questions. I would "Err" all over the place right now... I am off to sleep. Thanks again for the excellent questions as usual.

2/25 C2C Show: 2 Hours 15 Minutes mark approx... "Sphere's" and "Blue Avians" are mentioned. It was in the "Listener Question" portion at the end of the interview and was very late (Or "Early AM") in DW's defence.

Disclosure and the Secret History of Our Solar System-- Radio Show [Major Updates!] 

(Major Update by David Wilcock 3/03 On "Blue Avians"

[UPDATED] David Wilcock: 100 spheres the size of either Neptune or Jupiter have entered our solar system in the last 2-3 years














David comments on Fulford’s latest: Benjamin Fulford: Confusion and chaos at highest levels of G7 governments as revolution begins

Comment by dwilcock on March 3, 2015 @ 12:19 am

Got in early this time. My own sources independently confirmed that Charles would never become King, and would be forced to abdicate to William, so I do have independent confirmation on that.
The ET side of things has gotten very interesting, as I revealed in the radio show I did with George Noory last Wednesday night.
100 spheres the size of either Neptune or Jupiter have entered our solar system in the last 2-3 years. There were many others the size of our Moon that came in between 1999 and 2001.
The Pentagon and Cabal people got really excited about this at first because they thought these spheres were the return of their Anunnaki gods. However, the spheres remained cloaked with an advanced system that did not allow them to see inside, and did not respond to communications.
The Cabal used an advanced weapon to fire on one of the Moon-sized ones in mid-December. The object lit up, becoming a bright red spot in the sky that people saw (significantly smaller than the Moon, since it was farther away) and redirected the beam back to the base it came from. This caused serious damage and some loss of life.
Since that time we have had the no-fly zone around the earth and the quarantine around our solar system. No one who was already here is being allowed to leave — either from Earth or any of the “colonies,” as they are called. They cannot even get communications out. No one else appears to be able to get in either.
The group that has appeared from the spheres is called the “Blue Avians.” As silly as this may sound, they are eight-foot-tall humanoids derived from avian life, with birdlike heads and bright indigo-blue feathers. They have more or less normal-looking hands and feet. The head is a synergy between bird and human features. There are other avian types out there as well. It is not common but it does occur.
One of my insiders got pulled into a meeting that was very serious. We didn’t know if he was going to come out of it alive, or at least not without being heavily tortured and screamed at for what he had told me and what was leaked. Only later did we realize that the Blue Avians had personally requested him.
He was guaranteed by them that he would not be harmed. They told him many things. One thing they felt was very important was that they have not had ANY contact or communications with the Cabal. One of the five main factions in the Space Program, named Solar Warden, is allied with them now, and they are working with the Alliance on earth, but never the Cabal.
I had mistakenly said on Coast they had some contact with the Cabal and they corrected it.
They actually gave me some intriguing personal information. The other main thing they said was that Cabal people were defecting over into the Alliance and altering the plans. The Cabal people are pushing for “instantaneous violence” to solve the problem.
This is not going to be allowed.
Apparently the Avians are now “putting on the brakes” and “slowing things down a bit,” as it was about to go really wild, really fast, from what they were saying.
The key is that the Avians want us to move into a loving and peaceful world. They want this transition, similarly, to be as peaceful as possible.
That’s as much as I know now. I do not for a minute believe the insider was lying to me. He was deeply shaken and profoundly moved by this experience.
– David

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Quote Originally Posted by (Name Removed) View Post
Hi GoodETsXG, with reguard to the DW information on the cloaked huge sphere ships in our solar system, is there a possibility (as i have read) that they are 4th dimensional and that follows that so are the Sphere Beings and therefore only visible to those with a conscious view into this dimension be they awake or asleep.

..If this is the case and as some also have hypothesised that the reason for the massive size of these ships is possibly due to the fact that they may be used for evacuation of Earth, does this mean that because they may be 4th dimensional that we "need" to be deceased (dead ) to be evacuated?

Sorry if my logic does not follow thru and am by no means wishing to perpetuate fear, just interested in possible scenarios.
They communicated directly to me that the Sphere Beings (Blue, Indigo & Violet Energy Orbs) and the 4 Allies (Including the "Avians") are 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th D Beings. 

The "Spheres" can make themselves "visible" to our spectrum of sight at any time (All 3 known sizes of Spheres: Moon, Neptune & Jupiter Sized). 

They were "Observed" by the VARIOUS Secret Space Programs and Off World Allies when they first "Arrived" Fully "UnCloaked". When they "Cloak" they are not detectable by "Wide Spectrum Imaging", "Gravitational Displacement" or "Bending of Light", "Temporal Energy Signatures" or any other "Known" technological means. Though some have been able to detect them just as they are decloaking indicating there is some sort of reintegration phase in the process. When they "Cloak" they seem to go completely "Out of Phase" physically and vibrationally with our Dimension or Reality. The one that was located and fired on had moved in fairly close between Earth and Mars and had show that it had stayed in its same position after decloaking and re-cloaking over time.

They "Arrived" from 2 directions, From out of the SUN and From Outside the Sol System, Beyond the Oort Cloud. Once they entered the Solar system they then "Cloaked" at some point in our system and then "Parked" and went into an "Observation Mode" for an extended period of time. Many of them seemed to "Park" and "Cloak" around the "Gas Giant Planets" of our Sol System for a yet unknown reason. The others stayed in close orbit of the Sun before moving closer in toward the Earth more recently.

I was told they had been waiting for the Energetic/Vibratory Changes to begin to occur in our sector of the Galaxy (Or "Star Cluster") before they moved into a more "Active Operational Phase".

During this time period ALL of the SSP's, Secret Earth Governments, Ancient Earth Breakaway Civilizations (Who many people STILL think are ET's from another star system) and Each And Every "ET/ED Group" (Allied with various SSP's/Secret Earth Governments etc...) also tried to "Reach Out" to communicate with the Sphere Beings via "Technical Communication and ED/Etheric Communication Methods" with "NO REPLY". 

At one point some of the "Most Advanced" of the "Off World/ET/ED Custodian Groups" attempted to "Fire an Earth Based Weapon" at one of the Spheres. It had no effect on the Sphere other than to illuminate it (Bright RED) as the "Energy" was redirected to its point of origin and destroyed the facilities on Earth killing both Humans and "Non-Human's" that were involved in this ill advised attack. There have been no further attempts to attack the Spheres since this occurred in Late December 2014.

To this point the Sphere Beings have only communicated to me what I briefed DW on along with some other things they wan't me to be taking part in, in the not too distant future. To be quite honest these are not things that I would have volunteered for or am very excited about doing. 

They have not communicated anything to me about "Evacuating" people or animals (Any life forms) off of the Earth (Yet anyway). They have only stated they are here to help us "Prepare for future Events" and "To help ourselves". A lot of people do not seem very happy about the "Helping us help ourselves" part of the communication as it seems that the majority of people are looking for saviors. 

These people cannot be totally blamed for this way of "Thinking/Feeling" since this has been genetically programmed into us by the "Custodian God's" OR "Custodian ET's" who have been tinkering with our Genetics for thousands of years and have programmed us to have a need to "Worship" or "Follow" something they perceive "Bigger than themselves".

There is other information that will be unfolding in the near future, however it seems from reactions already that this is quite enough for most to try to "Chew On" for now...

Thank you for your continued well thought out questions.



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Red face

Quote Originally Posted by (Name Removed) View Post
There is mind control everywhere. WE ourselves have to make the conscious effort and most of us here would know this.

There are chemtrails, em waves, micro waves, etc etc. But why are there so many devices of control?

They know that it can no longer be stopped, the increase of energy in our sol system pairs to activate higher densities in our DNA. Organic life always seeks to be in balance with nature.
That is why Monsanto makes farmers buy seed every year because they know that after a few generations the seeds "miraculously" go back to "being normal" 

I'm sorry if I did not make myself clear, I am not very good with expression of verbal language. 

To GOODET, Thank you for your posts. They have reassured me of everything that comes through me.

Love will heal this world, Love IS healing the world. More then all of us here our brothers and sisters of earth need it more then we do. 
We are the forerunners, here to set the stage. You know just as I do this work we do is not a coincidence. Take back complete control of your power.
You are always being guided. Be the frequency you wish to experience. There will be much turmoil and not everyone will make it. It is ok.
We are all on the same journey walking different paths.We will usher in this golden age. You need not worry, look at the kids, they are already living the new way.

You seem to be already well on your way my friend... Thank you, 

I needed that to put things back in perspective. Also, just as "They" warned for this info not to become info that turned into a "CULT" or "RELIGION" they also warned me to keep my "Ego" in check (Not in those terms...). I and the "Others" being communicated with are NOT SPECIAL... Just repeating a message.
I know that people like yourself will help me do so and will give inspiring messages like this to keep Me/Us focused on the "Path" of "LOVE", "Higher Vibration" and "Consciously Striving To Be OF Service to Others" on a daily basis...



I expected ridicule and consider the "Sources" by their own actions. So far that has worked out well as they have ended up revealing more about themselves (And my point) than anything else and has proven itself “of absolutely no significance.” ... 

I wont waste time in circular debates. I have found that many of these Forums attract not only some Solid and Interesting People to converse with but also so Very Broken and Unstable People as well... Anonymity of the Internet just makes a persons pathology more enhanced at times. Sometimes people just get bored and poke at others who wouldn't normally behave like "Internet Trolls" because of what they are going through in their "Real World Lives"... 

You just have to learn to disengage with them and realize they are “of absolutely no significance.”


None the less, this some very new and important information/updates will be coming out soon on the "Sphere Being Alliance" along with "Images" and "Video"

Quote Originally Posted by GoodETxSG View Post
Yes, this is the ROOT MESSAGE... Which is being Misrepresented Blatantly on Purpose on another Forum as we speak!. 

"This Forum", PA has been in the process of destroying itself from the inside for some time. It used to be a wonderful place. All good things come to an end though... Sadly.

THREAD: Blue Avian's

The 3/4 D Mentality/Rational is almost comical if it wasn't obvious that it was only engineered to discredit "Perceived Enemies of the Leader and Smaller Cult Like Group".

The Avians made it clear they are not here to "SAVE US", but to "Help Us Save Ourselves"... That we need to EACH start on a PERSONAL LEVEL and begin to make the change withing ourselves from being caught up in the "Daily Grind" and being mostly "Service to Self" to "Consciously Deciding To Be More Service To Others On A Ongoing And Daily Basis"! 

This will lead to us raising our "Vibrations" because of the simple fact that "LOVE" IS A HIGHER VIBRATIONAL EMOTION/STATE than "HATE and FEAR"! The "Message" that is coming is the opposite of "Fear Porn". 

You have to really think and consider the True Motives and Agenda's of "People" or "Sources" of the purposely Negative (Low Vibratory) and Dishonest Representations of Information of a Positive Nature (Higher Vibration). IF this is all "Nonsense" as one self appointed expert said on another site, What will be the result of attempting to following these simple steps? 

You become a More Loving and Better Person (Service To Others)? And this is done on your own and not FOR you by an "Alien Savior"? Does this really sound like information the "CABAL" would want to impart to large groups of people? Information that could possibly teach them to free themselves from their control? These accusations that I am seeing on this "Other Site" are coming from a very negative agenda IMHO. A very selfish one indeed.

They did say there would be "Ridicule" and it was of “No Significance”, So far from the "Sources" it has come from it hasn't been of any significance at all. I do expect that "Others" will join in not to far in the future. There are those who have very visceral reactions to DW and now myself. But everything happens for a reason. 

Just as I have read so much posted about DW that is not true or are personal opinions based on his "Stage Presence" (Which most speakers have, a "Mask" they put on in front of 100's of people)... Or his changing ideas through the evolution of his work (We arent all public figures but all have evolving ideas and revelations as we get older and wiser). As I have quite a bit of time getting to know him as a person in his own home I have learned how "OFF" people perceptions are of him... I have also seen "Hero Worship" of other Internet Personalities in small communities that are based on their perceptions of him which are "OFF" as I have had access to people who have lived with them and former "Peers" who now use them as the Butt's of their jokes at their gatherings. 

My point is perceptions of a person based on random reports and their "Masks" that they wear on the Internet or on Video's are never quite accurate. I learned that and will proceed in the future reserving judgement until I get to know a person. Opinions are like "Rear Ends", Everyone has one and they all stink...

The Concepts of "Sphere's" entering the Solar System and changing their vibratory resonance from being any number of states is really pushing the envelope of some people (Who are able to easily drop logical line of thought or "Main Stream" Physics Principals for their own back stories and purposes). We don't quite know why these 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Density beings have arrived with these spheres. They have shown that they don't need craft and "Materialize" OR "Appear" where ever they wish without warning. They have shown through their advanced Consciousness their ability to manipulate states of matter and even teleport individuals and items at will. There are theories that these Spheres have a purpose involving the transport of 3/4 D Beings in large numbers. This has been neither confirmed or denied at this point. One thing is certain, the various SSP's haven't been able to fully bend their 3/4 D minds around what is going on with much more data than those attempting to "Dis-inform" down here. I don't expect them to get much further no matter how advanced they believe themselves to be. Our brains or minds just do not work this way especially with the limitations we place on the "Verse".

So far only the "Sphere Beings" (The Blue, Indigo and Violet "Orb/Energy Beings") and the "Blue Avians" have made themselves "Known" to not only myself but many other people on Earth (Manly the "Orb's"). The "Other 3 Allies" are also of that "Higher Density" and will present themselves on their own schedule and not OURS. Thus far they have only given me some personal instructions and the information that I briefed DW on that was shared in his "Updates". 

This was their Message that WE need to get off the couch and get into this movement for our "Freedom", take personal responsibility and make some deep and positive personal changes in ourselves. I see nothing wrong with that request. In the mean time it is obvious that WE do still need to learn some lessons to break some cycles of karma that we keep repeating. Especially if we are going to expect to stand on our own for the first time since our creation... With out being manipulated by the outside forces of these "Custodian gods"/"Custodian ET/ED's". 

This is all based on Free Will and each can choose to make changes to themselves or to decide its "Rubbish" and go about their normal everyday lives. As I said, unlike some of the "Control Systems" being put in place by the "Cabal Type Groups"... This information and path is not going to be rammed down your throats... IMHO/Recent Experience

Thank you to the person who sent me this video. I thought it would go well with the theme of the "Message" of this post... IMHO The entire short video is worth a watch. The changing of OUR World begins within Each Of Us...

Update: 3/07

There have been 2 Physical (Face to Face/Non "Astral") Meetings set up in the next 5 days between the Current SSP Ally (Alliance) the Leaders of "Defector Groups" of other programs and 2 Members of what the SSP's and Secret Earth Governments/Groups are now calling the "Sphere Being Alliance". This will compose of the "Blue Avians" and one of the "Other 3 Sphere Being Allies" that I have not met. I (Of no importance other than a simple tool) and a couple of other people will be brought in via "Shuttle" to a location to meet with the "Blue Avians" and the "Unknown Group" for the first meeting then will meet again with the "SSP Alliance" and New Members shortly after. 

This is to be a very important meeting to "Synch" strategies and answer the many questions that those with the "Warrior Mentality" have raised about the "Sphere Being's " recent "Love", "Higher Consciousness/Service to Others" and "Higher Vibration" Message that involved a reduction of hostilities and violence that were escalating in Near Earth Orbit and some other "Colonies" in the Sol System.  


MAJOR UPDATE 3/11: 3/10 Joint SSP Alliance, Political, Contacted Persons & "Sphere Alliance" Conference where The "Sphere Allies" introduced the 2nd of 4 of their "Allied Beings" (Described Below in Report Summary).

Link to this TOT Post at the Q&A Thread:

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Quote Originally Posted by GoodETxSG View Post
I had what will have to be many briefings with DW today on the Conference with the SSP Alliance, the New Defectors from other Programs and not only the "Blue Avian" but the Newly Revealed and Second of 4 "Sphere Being Allies". There is so much information from these meetings that it is going to take some time to organize it and deciminate it properly. Again like the last encounter my 3/4 D mind is still processing a lot of what I experienced as I am sure are the other's who were in attendance... 

MUCH was revealed in this meeting and many questions were asked and answered. Here in addition to the one above that I release that has left some heavy ripples are several more which will be all that will be released for now... (As I said until all the information can be compiled and released in a proper manner by DW and myself on my blog and his site... )

Content Removed For Now... Will be added back ASAP
I'm adding back some of the info I originally posted here then removed later that evening. 

There were a lot of things that are going to be abrasive to some currently held belief systems and established reality bubbles. Since this was obviously the case at the conference I figured the adage "As above so below" was an apt one here. The information being presented was what was presented to and through myself at the conference (Making me an unpopular "relay" of a message/communication in that case and from what I have seen online the same is true down here so far). I in many cases do not have any broader of an understanding quite yet of some of the information as I too have the same 3/4D mind that you do. 

I am a little more open to the experience being that I was one of the people that shared the actual experience. Between all of the speaking I did at this conference and the debriefing I did since being back my voice is almost gone and very scratchy (I have a very weak voice as it is). I do not profess to know everything or have all the answers, I don't know all of life or deaths secrets and I am not a "Sage" or anyone special as was once again pushed home to me by these beings and also by seeing the approximately 70 other "Wide Eyed and Excited Regular Folks" that were present at the Conferences as well.

Below is some of the info I had posted minus some that I felt the need to edit out until there is a complete and professionally put together Article producing all of the "Releasable Information" in a coherent way.

- When I first arrived I was directed to the floor of a “Theatre” type conference room that holds about 300 people in very nice swivel chairs. I was told to stand in on spot in the area right in front of all of the people present with no instructions. I was feeling extremely exposed and nervous. I was standing there with my thumbs in my front pockets of my jeans while a couple of the people asked who I was and why I was wearing the cap I was (On my way out I happened to pick up a NASA cap from the rack that I grabbed my wind breaker from) and asked a few other uncomfortable questions. Then all of a sudden they got quiet and those who weren't already seated did so looking forward. I turned and looked behind me and apparently the two beings standing behind me had just “Appeared” there. It was one of the Blue Avians I was familiar with and the New Being that had been promised to be “Introduced”, though there was no “Real Introduction”.
The New Being was at least 10 feet tall (Taller than the Blue Avian in attendance), was very thin and "Lanky" with "Golden Brown" skin, "NO Uniform" on yet was not "Naked". For being so tall it has only a 3 foot "Shoulder Breadth", Long arms and legs with 3 long fingers and toes. It's neck was a little on the long side and its "Head" looked large compared to the small shoulders. The head was shaped like an upside down Triangle (Pointing Down) with the corners "Rounded Off" in an almost "Tear Drop" shape with a somewhat "Flat Face. The mouth (Remained closed) was small but there was a crease at the corner of the mouth and a small rise where the lips would be (But no color difference). The eyes were completely oval, were "Powder Blue" with a dark "Iris" the shape of a "Diamond". When it moved it did so in a VERY fluid like manner.

- One person in uniform asked if the Avialn's were as "Rumored" recently as being the "RA" from the "Law of One" material. The Blue Avian in attendance responded only in this manner which I conveyed and the simplicity set the stage for how they answered many of the questions asked. When asked this question the Avian responded: "I am Raw-Tear-Eir"... (That was it... Raw-Rain-Eir is one of the other Two Avian's Names that I have been meeting most recently)

- One person in a suit that I recognized as being worn often by some who rotated into some conferences as "Delegates" asked details about Why do they need so many space ships referencing the 100 Spheres. The response was "We require no conveyance, there are far more than 100 spheres that are spaced out equidistantly through the Solar System. They are what you would best describe as devices and are in place to buffer the tsunami of storms of highly charged and vibrational energies entering your system so they do not effect your Star, Planets and Native Life in an adverse way as your system enters into this part of the Galaxy."

- Another asked "If you are not living in the Spheres where are you going when you dematerialize? The answer came: "Many of us adjust back to our reality while others remain in what you refer as a "Cloaked" status and observe activities on the Earth and your other Colonies and Facilities undetected by those around them."

- One asked why there was an intervention recently after there was a defection of groups with actionable intelligence that could have made a major difference and helped them win some major victories... The response to this one was info that the various SSP groups understood but I did not (Yet)."Since the defections there have been changes in tactics that have led to Two Atrocities that were unsettling. The extremely destructive incidents on Mars and Earth that caused the large loss of life of innocents was a disturbing sign that these new tactics were taking the Alliance in a direction where collateral damage of this magnitude was considered acceptable."

- There are a couple main SSP Groups that have been blocked from entering the Solar System since the beginning of the year. A few people lobbied for the "Sphere Allies" to allow the "Galactic League of Nations" (What I have referred to the "Nato Type SSP Group") to return. They stated the group would return under any demands. The responds was Denied and it was communicated that ALL of the travel within or without of the Solar System will remain suspended for the foreseeable future (This did not go over well with many)...

- One of the "Few Esoteric" questions that was asked by this "Military Minded Group" and "Earth Government Appearing" (By their "Manner of Dress") "Group Leaders" was: "Is there a "Soul Trap" setup for us after we die?". The response was: "The only traps we encounter in life and after are the ones we have set for ourselves". "The idea that there is a soul trap at the end of a white lite was a psyop and a distortion set in place that we can then create with the creative force of our consciousness". "This is the intent of the creation of this distortion". The person asking the question did not seem satisfied with the explanation. 3/4 D Human Belief systems that were in place and ranged across the spectrum were in the room so our 3/4D minds or way of thinking especially in a group environment was meeting some resistance and ruffling of "Human Feathers" at times...

A lot of the questions were of a technical and tactical nature, some being when would they be able to empty out the "Embassy Bases" on the Earth of the ET/ED Groups allied with the "Opposition". When would they be allowed to move “Hard” on the opposition etc... Much of the responses to their questions were not what they wanted to hear or in many instances were things that I was conveying for the Avians to the groups that I did not understand...

I know this is a very short summary of what occurred and many details (Some extraordinary) have been left out for now (Though communicated to DW) until we can compile the complete list of what occurred and the data that was released making sure we release what was asked and keeping classified what was requested as well. 

It was thought best not to telegraph the “When” and “How' this information will be presented at this early point.

The mostly complete recount of the encounters will be presented from the moment I was picked up to the point I was “Dropped Off” back home will be presented in the near future. 

“They” again wanted to make sure that this info did not become held in a “cultish nature” or used in any controlling or egotistical ways. It was also interesting that there were approximately 70 normal human beings that were picked up and brought to these meetings who were absolutely blown away. Many of them were in their night time clothing with their hair sticking up and bare footed as though they had no warning of the meetings. There were also some people from a main stream political nature from around the world present, some that I recognized (None of which we would immediately recognize or associate with the “Establishment”.). 

The info of the "post conference meeting" where we were transported to the Sphere that was manipulated to allow us to be there physically will be spoken to the Researcher directly when we can talk securely and he will decide how to release the information and present it in the most digestible way. There was only a few “esoteric questions” those having to do with is there a “Soul Trap” awaiting us when we die, Were the Avians the "Ra" beings and a couple other small questions that were answered very interestingly... These “Alliance” group leaders were asking more “Brass Tacks” and operational questions.

That is truly all I have to report at this time... Pardon errors as I am still incredibly exhausted and am still processing quite a lot of raw data and information in general about these experiences.

Note: As ALWAYS with ALL information from ALL SOURCES and RESEARCHERS... Run the information through your own discernment filters. Not just match up what sounds good or already goes along with your established belief system or "Reality Bubble". Be willing to step outside of that box but always keep your "Discernment Filter" firmly in place and active... IMHO...



Click below for some of the most recent info on these "Sphere Beings" and "Blue Avians" I have posted... (As I said, MUCH MORE to come here): Wise and Excellent quality of the people I am talking to have helped see the insignificance of the ridicule of the sources.

Multiple Secret Space Programs, Q & A for "GoodETxSG"

Example Posts of Q & A's:

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Can't wait for part 2 of your interview to be posted! In the mean-time I have some more questions regarding your comments below on the "sphere beings." First off, who are the "allies" of the enigmatic sphere beings? How do you know they are allies to them? What kind of relationship do these allies have? It seems as though the "Federation Groups" were throwing $hit at the wall excuses to see what sticks in order to explain who the "sphere beings" are. That in itself is very revealing. I have pasted your comments mentioning the sphere beings below for reference from the other thread.

Thanks for opening a thread. 

Lift the Veil

Quote Originally Posted by GoodETxSG View Post
Mostly the Scientist (AKA "Egg Heads") are speculating on what it could have been for... Some speculated it had to do with Ley Lines (Changing their polarity or neutralizing them?) but these "Column's Of Light/Vibration Energy" seemed to be hitting in random area's (Or seemed random to the "Egg Heads") of the Earth. 

No one seems to know for certain what the purpose of the Beams intention was (Not even the allies of the "Sphere Beings"). They just know it was not a weapon or violent event. 

There seems to be more questions than answers on much of what is going on with the "Sphere Beings". These beings have also been showing themselves to "Average People" recently on Earth but not communicating with them on a conscious level. They just appear to them (In the form of various shades of blue, Indigo and Violet "Light or Energy Orbs", the size of ping pong balls, basket balls to beach balls) for a matter of several moments, hover around and then zip off and disappear. 

Quote Originally Posted by GoodETxSG View Post
I know who/what they are as well. They are in alliance now w/the one break away SSP (That is fighting in the "Shadow Civil War" that is now more in the open than ever before... W/all the recent space debris it may be coming out of the "Shadows".) and their "Go Between" Aliy "The Blue Avian Being's" (Very Cool Beings!) and have all had meetings where many of us IE's have recently been present. The Sphere Being's have been keeping info close to the vest as they say (Energy beings don't wear vests)... But they are not involved with any of these "Federations" who all are some % of "Service to Self" and "Agenda Oriented"... (No matter how "Good" or well intentioned they are).

Both the "Non Human Federated Groups" and the "Human Like Federations" Are light years behind them in "Technology" (Consciousness/Dimensional/Density Origin) and are visibly frazzled by their recent change of tactics and the absence of many of their delegates in recent "Conferences". 

Not even the different Federated Groups that are on the Earth (In their Embassy Bases) with their Technology have been allowed to leave their bases or Earth Orbit's. 

These "Sphere Beings" (There is an official name that is classified) that had been here some time cloaked and only observing have moved into some sort of "Pre-operational Mode". It is very interesting stuff... All of these Federation Groups are throwing around all sorts of stories to rally their supporters and to buy their stories (There are about a dozen stories of who these Sphere Beings are and why there are here that have been put out by as many different Races that have been in control of Earth and the Sol System for thousands of years). 

The day this happened agencies started putting out stories in Alt News papers about "Natural Light Phenomenon Occurring Through High Altitude Water Crystals" and other nonsense... 
The disinfo is flying around "UP There" as much as it is flying around "DOWN here" about the "Financial War" between the BRICS Alliance and the CABAL. There is so much deception it is hard to keep sane. 
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Quote Originally Posted by (TOT Member Name Removed) View Post
Hi GoodET - What joy it is to have you here on TOT! 

Thank you so very much for continuing to share your extraordinary experiences and knowledge of the bigger picture that helps so many join together greater dots. I have read with great interest your previous threads, and thank you with all my heart for the valuable time, effort, grace and patience you have injected into them. You bring stellar information to the table! 

There are a couple of things you said on recent TOT posts that has got my minding spiralling.

My mind boggles on how suddenly the ‘node to node’ connections have changed so quickly. I understand we live in a holographic universe, and what we humans perceive as dimensions or different planes of existence is all about ‘frequency of spin’ and synonymous to different levels of Conscious awareness.

(GoodETxSG) Before delving too deeply into Portal Travel here I had written a very brief summary and simplified explanation of "Portal Mechanic's" in a PA Thread and I duplicated that information on my blog including the supporting You Tube Video's and Images. Please take the time now to look over this material at the link below and them come back to this post to proceed with this question if you do not mind (As a refresher if you had looked at the material prior).

Mechanics of Portal Travel through the “Cosmic Web” via Torsion Fields and Scalar Energy - http://goodetxsg-secretspaceprogram....l-through.html

(1)With these nodes no longer aligning as ‘expected’, could any of the below suggestions be a part of the mechanism as to why and how?
A) The grids that ‘they were’ utilising have been changed, so nodes are now out of alignment?
B) Earth itself has shifted slightly in Space making the nodes be out of alignment?
C) Or could it be some type of sophisticated jamming frequency?
Some Speculate the Sphere Beings are Jamming the gates and other technologies right now. I think this is partially true. Though the gates/portals began to have difficulties some time ago when we were told they would when we entered a certain part of our torsion Galaxy. I think it is a combination of the Sphere Beings jamming some technologies and taking advantage of the dampening effect of our Galactic Positioning right now to "Act". They were cloaked, waiting and watching for years. They seemed to begin their activity when these "Energetic/Vibratory" changes started to occur in our Star Cluster because of the area it had entered in our Galaxy. I said I would not speculate, but I had to on this one some.
D) Planetary collective consciousness has somehow affected this misalignment in the nodes? 
E) Perhaps this is connected to the spiritually evolved BEings who are assisting behind the scenes respectfully working within ‘Natural Law’ and divine intervention?
F) Connected to the Big Wave coming from our Galactic Centre? Could this be a type of recalibration occurring to all the grids? (These "Galactic Waves" have already been hitting the "Sol System" & interacting w/the Sol & Planetary "Vibratory States" for well over a decade & HAVE had effects on various "Programs" some of which have been CLOSED while other have been Recalibrated & Continued)
Solar system caught in an interstellar tempest, September 2013 -

Ribbon at edge of our solar system: Will the Sun enter a million-degree cloud of interstellar gas?, May 2010 -

Astrophysicist: Solar system is entering an interstellar energy cloud, June 2012 -

Local Interstellar Cloud -

Solar System Climate Change -

G) Or something completely different?

It is covered more in the link to my blog above. It has to do with a change in the "Twist" of our Space/Time changing its "Density" (Totally different than the concept of "Dimension's"). It does cause a "Vibratory Change" in our local star cluster that is shifted and out of phase with the formerly connectable "Node"/star system. Everything is "Vibration" (Light, Matter and Thought are all vibratory states) and when you have two "Nodes" that are vibrating at similar rates with an Electro-Magnetic Connection and one of those Nodes completely changes its amplitude that bidirectional connection is no longer in harmony. The Node will then connect to the closest node in the general area of the one it was connected to previously taking the path of least resistance. Being that the Galaxy is a Giant Taurus and is swirling so to speak at times there will only be the (Anode/Cathode) charged particles of open space for the end point or "Node" to try to connect to. This gives the traveler a very unwelcome and unstable portal opening whipping around in open space between moving star clusters or systems. The Galactic Clouds and Storms have made Portal Travel a challenge recently especially in the artificial portals that do not occur naturally between bodies in the "Cosmic Web" as described in the Blog link above. (It is late, I will read this again in the morning to make sure this makes sense...  )

What you say below I find very exciting news – especially the ‘colours’ because such specific colours in my understanding are connected to the levels of Unity Consciousness (‘beyond’ the polarised levels).

One of the most beautiful orbs I witnessed was ultraviolet blue, its size was uncommonly large, about 2ft in diameter as it very slowly glided gracefully through my room. There was no communication, however its presence of consciousness was very apparent, as I observed ‘it’ and ‘it’ observed me in a silent quantum entanglement where time stood still for a long paused moment. It was an unconditionally loving, soulfully peaceful experience. I am also fascinated in the very tiny bright gold orbs I see sometimes.

I am excited with what you wrote about the Sphere Beings and I do hope you are able to keep us updated on this subject.

(2) I wonder if you are willing to share what your own personal thoughts are about them, in so far as ‘who’ they might possibly be? For instance do you personally think they are individual BEings working as a group directive? Or perhaps the larger sphere’s are some type of collective of Soul BEings? 

What you are describing is exactly like every encounter I have ever seen detailed in reports about "Regular People" on Earth experiencing a "Visit" from the "Sphere Beings". In the encounters "Off World" they will appear the same or will also take the form of a "Humanoid" that is of the same color and density (You can see through them)... When they communicate they "Vibrate visibly' and other colors sort of like aura's come off of them and when you "Receive" their communication your body (Every Molecule of Your Body!) Vibrates in the same manner. It is unnerving, exciting and awe inspiring at the same time. They always appear with one of their few Allies of which only the "Blue Avian's" we can now mention only very recently. The Avian's are very pleasant and speak to you telepathically while using hand gestures at the same time. They both give off a great feeling of love and caring (Which we know can and is often produced by even evil entities in those they "Visit" or interact with") and people look very forward to each and every encounter. 

As far as their "Directive"/"Agenda" I cannot say. I do know they are refusing to work with ANY of the "Federations" or other groups. They have declared that no matter how Good Intention-ed or Positively Oriented ALL of these groups are they are ALL a % "Service To Self" or "Agenda Oriented" and their energy is not compatible with their own. 

This has made some of these "Federations" and their "Earthly Followers" upset and a bit un-trusting of them. The fact that The Earth has been closed off to Humans "Break Away Groups" Leaving Via Craft or Portal's as well as these "Federation Alien Delegates Stuck on their Embassy Bases on Earth has not made these Federations happy either. The Sphere beings are far beyond any of them in the "Technology/Consciousness/Dimensional" arena that they do not have a choice at this point. They are told they have to wait and ride out the situation through the duration. 

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to ask questions, this is so very much appreciated. 

Much love I send to you and your family
(TOT Member Name Removed)
Thank you for the questions. I will check back tomorrow. I had a long day of Physical Therapy and other appointments and am pretty tired. I will look at it again to make sure it makes sense in the morning. 

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Quote Originally Posted by (TOT Member Name Removed) View Post
sure... you said : 
Depending on the time frame the groups have different levels of access to our planet and it's resources. At the current time there is kind of a lock down in effect preventing even some of our own SSP Programs from "Coming or Going" as they wish.

i would like to know why do you think that is? 
who do you think is responsible for the "lock down" - who made that decision? also which force is enabling it and how long is a lock down plan that you know?

thanks for your patience.
There has been a Stealth Civil War going on for some time between the various SSP's (Dark Fleet, Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate's and the "Solar Warden" Components) as well as the hand full of Ancient Break Away Civilizations of Earth and Each of the "Off World Groups" they are "Allied With".

The Sphere's have been entering into the Sol System from 2 directions ("Through our Sol" & from "Outside our Sol System") and remaining "Cloaked" in what has appeared an "Observation Mode" for some time. Recently more and more of these Spheres have arrived in 3 sizes so far observed (One of which is the size of Jupiter 1/1000 the size of the Sol).

Very recently these Sphere beings have showing themselves to certain people on Earth and meeting with Human Allies in the SSP that has aligned itself with them and their allies. 

All that being said, WHY are they preventing the "CABAL Type Human Break Away Groups" from leaving Earth (Escaping?) or their "Off World Allies" that are based on or around Earth as well? 

It seems that a wide net has been cast around our Sol System and in particular Earth to make sure that "Everyone" is present for the upcoming "Event's" what ever they may be.

The Sphere Being/Allie Beings/SSP Allied Ultimate Agenda? 

I am not going to speculate on the full details that I have not been deemed to have a "Need to Know", but I think it is becoming more and more obvious to those with eyes to see. 

It shouldn't take too long for these recent changes to begin to have an affect down here on the surface where everything is very much still in control of those who are trying to flee right now. I was told that we shouldn't expect to be spared turmoil by off world beings. That we as Humans have been under control for so long and have been in a cycle of repeating history for so long that we will need to have a shocking series of events down here for us to have a sort of "Genetic Memory" that will prevent us from doing so in the future once we are on our own two feet and not being controlled by any "Alien or AI Gods"... 

Whether true or not I have a feeling we will find out with in a short time. The "Cabal Groups" are in panic mode and are already in a separate battle over Earths Financial Control System (AKA Babylonian Money Magic Slave System) against BRIC's AKA "The Alliance".

I do not personally see how BRIC's is going to be that much better if any than what was in place before it as long as a Financial Control System is in place (IMHO).

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Quote Originally Posted by (TOT Member Name Removed) View Post

Two questions :

1. Do we know how the sphere beings fit into the whole "AI danger" situation? Are they actiely helping mankind deal with this threat?

The Sphere Beings as we are referring to them have only recently come out of their inactive "Cloaked Observation/Waiting Mode" and began to work with one of the Human SSP's mostly through a few of their higher density "Allies". The only "Actions" observed by these "Spheres" recently were the largest of the "Spheres" moving in closer to the Earth from the area of the Sol/Sun and the Gas Giant's where they had been "Parked and Cloaked". They did an action that many groups are speculating about and some of the other off world groups are convincing their followers they "Know" what was done. This was the recent action of launching very large/wide beams of vibratory energy from the largest Spheres that was not visible to the naked eye until they hit the Earths Atmosphere. They then became visible "Beam's or Pillar's" of Light that were reported all around the Globe during the same window of time. The Pillars of light were hitting random area's of land masses and out in the open oceans where no bases or ley lines were associated with. It was explained that this was a necessary step in the beginning for their operations but nothing more detailed was given to the Human SSP's that was allowed to be released. This was not a weapon or offensive attack of any sort. They have not engaged the "Darker Forces" directly. Some of their Allies in tandem with the SSP they are working with have been preventing "Human Break Away Groups" (Cabal etc...) and their "Off World Allies" from leaving the Planet in "Vessel's" or from leaving Earth Orbit. They have been engaged as have many of their weapons platforms that have been in orbit since the SDI days and some of the "Destruction" of these platforms and attempted escapes of ships have been the source of the over 1,500 reported sightings of flashes in the sky and "Meteorite" looking objects that have had "Colors" sparking from them that do not match meteor showers. This is because of the heating of the metals, composite materials and fuels and when they burn up their spectrum gives off these different colors along with the "Space Debris". The ET's that are here in Embassy like bases are upset that they cannot leave but have been they need to remain here for the "Duration" of what is going on. The ET AI Issue and Human AI Prophet Issue is something that will all be dealt with along with these other "Secret Earth Government" and "Secret Societies" that have been manipulating and enslaving Humanity and doing amazingly evil acts of "Crimes Against Humanity" which I am told all will have to answer for from the very top down. 

2. What does the "energy" of the "AI" feel like? Is it a sort of prickly, sticky energy - somewhat "electric" in its' quality?

Initially it may feel like when you shock a person with static electricity when wearing clothing that causing you to build up static electricity in your "Field"... once infected it is not something you feel or detect on an ongoing basis. The "Signal" can lay dormant or become active and begin to change your behavior and influence your thoughts usually slowly moving you into an "AI Prophet" mind set over time from my observations and the documentation of what has been observed in countless thousands of "People".

I'm just trying to figure out what experience I have had with these AI entities, if any....
When all is said and done and these "Groups" that have controlled the Planet and Humanity for so long have been brought to justice and their "Control Mechanisms" have been neutralized everyone will be thinking for themselves and dealing with a lot of emotional issues about the true history of the Planet and our "Origins"... We will also be going through some energetic changes and will have more access to our higher selves and power of our evolving consciousness... Things are said to get a LOT worse before they get better and we have to go through quite a bit in a short time that will test us all. There are some things that are said that need to be allowed to happen so that Humanity learns the lessons and has the Genetic Memories to prevent them from repeating cycles of mistakes. This will become very important because not long after this coming time period we will be given the chance for the first time in our histories (Since our creation) to stand on our own two feed and be responsible for our futures and not controlled and manipulated by dozens of "Service to Self" beings. Or so goes the narrative of what is said to be ahead of the Human Species in the coming "Event's". 

(As always, push this through your own discernment filters... )

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Quote Originally Posted by (TOT Member Name Removed) View Post
from what you know - did 'augmented' ai prophets have any remaining sense that they were one time human and if so, how did they relate to that piece of personal history from their augmented mode? thanks.
The AI Prophets and Augments feel superior to "Regular Humans"... but that is nothing new. 

Right now the AI Prophets, Secret Earth Governments and their OFF WORLD Allies who used to be the "Custodian Gods" of our Solar System are both in panic mode and are very upset (Including the more positive types).

They are spreading around about a dozen stories of who these Sphere Beings and Allies are and using "Fear" to control their Human Minions and Followers into believing these beings (New Arrivals) are "Evil" or "Negative" and here to invade. 

They are rallying their resources the best they can with the "New Arrivals" outmatching their technology many thousands of times over.

There is a lot of trickster god and manipulation scenarios going on and building up as the cabal syndicates begin to fall on the surface of the Earth... Many followers and members of these Alien/ED groups that have been "Left Out" and "Ignored" in this current scenario are coming in with all kinds of stories and disinfo saying they KNOW this or that about the Sphere Beings using the Dis-Info to get attention and followers back on their groups causes and Agenda's. Discernment is going to be needed at an all time high.
The Sphere Beings and Allies are not playing into the propaganda games and will let their actions show their intentions. They are from a higher vibrational realm and do not engage and act like those here do or would expect them to. May we live in interesting times indeed...


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  1. I have read over your blogs and posts on other websites.The United States, Russia/USSR, Germany, China had their secret programs to develop soldiers for the future, to even combat with ET's of the future.Just looking at what unfolded in WW2 and after WW2 shows this loud and clear.Even Japan felt that they had the "master race".

    How do you feel about the Holy Trinity? God Almighty, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit?

    Your thoughts on WW3 and the book of Revelation, including Wormwood?

    Your thoughts on The Greys, Men in Black, The Tall Whites, Nordics, Andromeda Galaxy stuff.The darker future with the NWO as they will control the European Union, including getting the Swiss into the union as well as Russia?

    So much left to play out, are you ready for it all?

    Best wishes.The Holy Trinity can help you and others.